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Частное учреждение здравоохранения

«Больница «РЖД-Медицина» г. Вологда»

(8172) 515-000 (Вологда)

(8202) 672-296 (Череповец)

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 Medical tourism in Russia is an interesting journey, the main goal of which is to receive professional medical care. Combining travel and medical treatment is the future of medical care for millions of people.

Medical tourism in Russia has a separate branch - dental tourism. In our clinic you can receive complex dental treatment, including prosthetics. Excellent modern innovative equipment, unique advanced technologies, competent specialists and a cozy atmosphere.

We also provide a wide range of services in the field of gynecology, and our highly qualified gynecologists help women successfully solve health problems. The hospital wards and the operating unit are equipped with the latest medical and diagnostic equipment from the world's best manufacturers.

Modern and high-quality equipment of the clinic makes any medical and diagnostic procedures safe, painless and comfortable. The rich experience of doctors contributes to effective therapy. The pricing policy of our clinic makes medical services affordable, but at the same time, their quality remains high.


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